Mystery Love Story

Tonight I did one of my favorite things to do, I did a little cooking. Since it’s so cold out I made tomato soup with rice and a grilled cheese, it was pretty much the perfect meal. Usually when I make a winter meal like that I really want to just snuggle up with a good romantic comedy. Something that will make me laugh, after a long day I really don’t want to cry. When I was thinking of what movie I’d want to watch tonight if I didn’t have a very long to-do list I thought of the really cute rom-com Definitely, Maybe.

Ryan Reynolds plays the most adorable dad, the type of guy you would want to marry and have children with. Who is recently getting divorced from one of his only three loves in life. While married they had a child named Maya, played by the incredible Abigail Breslin.  One night when Maya is staying with Will (Ryan Reynolds) she asks him to tell her the story of how he met her mom. Will reluctantly agrees on one condition, he’s changing all the names and making it in Maya’s words “a mystery love story.”

I don’t want to give away too much of the ending, but Ryan Reynolds does end up going after one of the women from his story. Summer, April and Emily are the three loves of his life. He dates them a lot too, the story revolves around all of his interactions with them. The most interesting part to me in this rom-com is the suggestion that time isn’t an issue when it comes to love.

I’d have to say that I agree with the movie. I think that love is something timeless and all together is something that has no limit. It has no rhyme, nor reason. It always perseveres and it will always be patient. If something is meant to happen, if fate wants you to end up with someone you absolutely will. If  one, five or even ten years has gone by and there is just someone who you really love or have feelings for, or even just never got the chance to have a chance with don’t wait any longer. If you feel like someone is worth being in your life, be in their life. They may have moved on, or maybe they haven’t. They may only have room for a friend, if you’ve waited way too long and they’ve already fallen in love with someone else, but isn’t being someone’s friend better than being nothing at all?

The beautiful thing about love is that you usually start as friends, and if you don’t start as friends you surely become friends to step into that next level. I think it is really important to keep those who are important to you in your life, even on the condition that you can’t be with them. Who knows, you might have moved on too but it is important to have some contact with that person.

It changed Ryan Reynolds life in the movie, going after something that he had once wanted so who says it can’t change yours? Go after something you want tonight, or maybe even tomorrow.

Love, Lindsey


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Do you have 5 minutes?

Well yes indeed five minutes could change your life. In five minutes you could fall in love at first sight, run a mile, or even save a life. I know that seems like a lot to cram into five minutes, but hey anything is possible. I feel like in my crazy busy schedule 5 minutes of pure freedom or business can make all the difference.

That’s what happened in the novel version of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Nick wanted to avoid his ex-girlfriend so he spotted Norah and asked her, “Would you mind being my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes?” I always think the book is better than the movie version of things so I had to blog about the book first.

Can you imagine someone asking you to be his fake girlfriend to get away from his ex-girlfriend why you are trying to avoid your ex-boyfriend who is also in the club? Talk about a really confusing but semi beneficial relationship. Norah’s ex-boyfriend seems like a real loser if you ask me, which make it so easy to root for this unlikely pairing of Nick and Norah. They spend their night playing tag as Nick’s band mates take care of Norah’s not-so-sober friend Caroline and experiencing  New York City together. They also go looking for this obscure band who has secret shows in the city and you have to figure out the clues in order to go. Listening to their mutually interesting taste in music as they go along.

It’s funny to think that we all have songs  that somehow define moments in our lives, there are ones you cry to, ones you scream at and ones that make you feel better when nothing else will. I don’t the NYC very well at all, but I didn’t feel at a disadvantage reading the book. In a way it actually just made it seem like some magical place were anything can happen, which I guess it really is. I’ve never been much of a city girl, but I would love to visit some of the places they did on their journey.

The book is written in altering perspectives, Norah and Nick switch off each chapter so you get to see what both of them are thinking and feeling. The writing is incredibly clever, Rachel Cohn and David Levine really hit this one out of the park. If you want a fast paced story that takes you away from daily life and makes you want to listen to some classic songs you should check this book out.

While you’re reading the book think of the playlist of your life, what great songs come to mind? Have a song you really love?  I like all music and would love to listen to what stands out to you.

Have a great week!

Love, Lindsey


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Happy Friday!

I’m incredibly excited to finish my first week of classes! It’s crazy to think we’re already down to 14 weeks left of classes. I’m just so ready to be back and be with all of my school friends. This week has been a week of catching up with friends, meeting new friends and trying to keep  up with home friends.

In the spirit of all this excitement I decided to do a very peppy, happy, and fun love song. After winning American Idol Phillip Phillips have become  my third favorite winner, Carrie and Kelly will always have number one and two in my heart. His second big hit, “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a really neat, upbeat song. It’s lyrics are something we should all aspire to.

Baby, I’m not moving on
I love you long after you’re gone.
For you, for you.
You would never sleep alone
I love you long after you’re gone
And long after you’re gone, gone, gone.

There pretty much isn’t a lyric that I dislike in the song, but the chorus really sticks out for me. Love isn’t just for the moment, it’s for the long hall. You should never have to sleep alone, and someone should love you long after you’ve moved on or have gone. I’ve talked a lot lately about what it means to have your first love. What it really entails, and the most important question: Does it really ever end? I’m leaning more towards it doesn’t end, you don’t just magically stop loving them.

I think they’re will always be a soft spot for that person and “when they fall like a statue I’m going be there to catch you” is always going to apply. I know most of us would do anything for the boy or girl who first stole our heart, no matter how difficult the break-up was. I think the most important thing is to forgive but never forget. I think it is fine to move on with the relationship and move it to a healthy place, whether as very distance friends or just amicable relations. I just urge you to never forget why you broke-up in the first place. If something broke, it broke for a reason. Not to say some small cracks can’t be fixed, but some things just weren’t meant to be.

You’re my back bone,
You’re my cornerstone
You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving
You’re my head start,
You’re my rugged heart 

You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed

That right there is true love, if someone is your backbone and lifts you up  in such way that is a part of you like being your rugged heart, that means something. You must be pretty important. That to me is love. I think my definition of love is a little rough around the edges, but I see this stuff in my parents and couples around me which reinforces what I think I know.

Well this weekend like a drum baby don’t stop beating.

Love, Lindsey

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Weigh- In Wednesday

I’m starting a new tradition here at Love, Lindsey. Wednesdays are becoming a day for me to relate things going on in the media that could possibly relate to the blog. It is just a chance to weigh in on what is happening that is interesting.

The idea started because of the Golden Globes last week. When accepting her award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Jennifer Lawrence said, “Look it says I beat Meryl! “

People at the time had a huge outcry about it, because it sounded so out of sorts and almost rude. It was just really unexpected. Lawrence meant no harm by the comment and was actually quoting a line from The First Wives Club which is a great movie with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and my personal favorite Diane Keaton. Goldie Hawn plays an out of work actress who is getting a divorce from her producer husband. In the settlement they divide the assets 50/50. To do so Goldie’s character sells the collection of stuff to Bette for two cents. When the girls go to look through purchases Bette looks at Goldie’s Golden Globe saying, ” You know what this says, I beat Meryl!”

If you’ve seen the movie when Jennifer Lawrence used the quote it was hysterical. It is pretty surprising that people were so shocked and didn’t get the reference until she explained herself a day or so afterwards. I’m glad SNL let her use this incident to create her monologue.

The First Wives Club is a fantastic movie, that is really empowering towards women. I love it because it also shows the love comes back when you least expect it. It focuses on if you are confident and sure of yourself you can have any guy you want, even the one that got away. It has dome great actresses and actors too, before our generation knew them as the greats. A young  Sarah Jessica Parker plays a 20-something mid-life crisis prize. Some guys get the sports cars, Bette’s husband gets the younger woman.

If you want to get Jennifer’s reference, and watch a great movie at the same time check The First Wives Club out! Also, in the clip they sing one of my favorite songs of all times. As Ivana Trump says in the movie, “Don’t get mad, get everything!”

Love, Lindsey

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I have this thing where I love the lyrics of songs. I will sing a line over and over again if it really hits home. I’m just a fan of what people have to say, even if they haven’t written the lyrics themselves, someone wrote them.

One of those lyrics that I love so much come from Taylor Swift’s “All too Well”.  It has some of my favorite lines, and I mean Taylor Swift singing it doesn’t hurt.

And I know it’s long gone, and that magic´s not here no more
And it might be okay, but I’m not fine at all

How many times do you feel like you will be alright, but you aren’t fine? It’s that really thin line that you can go on, it’ll be alright, but you really don’t feel fine. You don’t feel normal or really ready to tackle the world at full force.

You tell me about your past thinking your future was me
And I know it’s long gone, and there was nothing else I could do

You tell the people in your life that you think will stay about your past, you don’t tell the people who aren’t going to be in your future. There takes a level of trust to tell someone about the events that made you who you are. No matter how long ago it was or why it ended we need to realize sometimes there is nothing else we can do. Some hearts are meant to be broken, fate has a funny way of working those things out. (that doesn’t mean don’t try relationships see my post one man’s heartbreak)

And I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to

Painfully beautiful that you forget about someone long enough to forget why you ever even wanted to. I’ve been there so many times, you go through a  really painful situation, move on and a year later you forget completely why it was so bad. You think of all the great times, and bury the bad times so far back that they don’t exist in your mind. Oh how heartbreaking it is when you move back into that situation and realize, yeah there was a reason it didn’t work.

And maybe we got lost in translation
Maybe I asked for too much
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece
´til you tore it all up
Running scared

This song really gets me every time right around this point, where it really breaks it down. Things get lost in translation, one person asks for something but it seems like so much more. Yet, maybe they ask for something and the other person just doesn’t want to give anymore than they already are. Game,set, match the relationship is over. Something beautiful torn to pieces because one person walks away. Or in this case runs away scared. (my most common run)

Hey you called me up again just to break me like a promise
So casually cruel in the name of being honest
I’m a crumbled up piece of paper lying here

When that person contacts you again and it breaks you to the core. They said they would never speak to you again, guess that promise is broken like the pieces of your heart laying on the floor. That’s not easy to take, they feel like they owe you honesty. Well integrity can hurt like pinch, stings at first but once its done, its done.

I am just in love with this song, because lyrics say what sometimes we can’t. Go listen to a song to find your favorite lyrics tonight.

Love, Lindsey

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Well honesty sounds like a funny title for a blog post, but I’ve had a lot of deep thoughts about the concept lately. I was having a very late night conversation with a friend and we got really deep in thought. We were talking about things I never thought we would talk about, but he said something that made me pause, he said “if you want pity words I’m not the right person to talk to. If you want the truth, I am. “

It got me thinking about honesty and what we want from people. We want things sugar-coated (not me in this situation I was actually saying he was pitying me at the time). So I thought well wow, we should want the truth. I should tell you if that guy isn’t good enough for you, or if I like you in a way that is more than a friend I’m going to tell you.

That comes with a lot of risk, but one day for me I’ve decided it will be worth the reward. All of this honesty reminded me of a great read by Rosie Rushton called The Dashwood Sisters’ Secrets of Love. The thing I love about this book is its honesty. The secrets are funny, but they have such an appeal for all ages.

Secret No. 31 Sometimes a kiss says more than words can. (no matter how good a talker you may be.)

It follows three sisters Georgie, Abby and Ellie as they figure out love through the ages. Their dad has passed away and they are trying to navigate love since their “mum” and dad divorced before he died and they feel a disconnect from love.  Georgie is a middle schooler who has her first kiss, Abby is a high schooler who falls for the wrong guy while the right guy who loves her sits back and watches, and Ellie is a college girl who is closed off from love when it hits her.

They are incredibly honest about love, and loving the wrong person. I enjoy the humor that the book brings. It has great moments of love, which gives me hope even though it’s fictional. The characters use a lot of honesty throughout the book with each other and with the audience with their secrets. It is an great look at love through the ages.

The book and recent conversation implore me to tell you to be honest. Be honest with yourself, others and most importantly the ones you love. If you have feelings for someone, tell them. No one else can or even will advocate for you. Unless you do it yourself.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Love, Lindsey


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One man’s heartbreak..

One man’s heartbreak is another woman’s treasure.

This fall semester I was lucky enough to go see Hunter Hayes and Carrie Underwood with my friend Cassie. I’m a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan, and have been lucky enough to see her every time she’s gone on tour. She puts on a fantastic show, every time I’m more and more amazed. This time though I was pleasantly surprised with how in love I feel with Hunter Hayes. Not only is he good-looking, but his song “Somebody’s Heartbreak” is probably my new favorite love songs. I just melt every time I hear this song, the lyrics are so perfect.

I’ve been in this situation before, you know someone could break your heart but you want to give it a try anyway. Hunter Hayes puts that situation just perfectly,

If you’re gonna be somebody’s heartbreak
If you’re gonna be somebody’s mistake
If you’re gonna be somebody’s first time,
Somebody’s last time, baby be mine
If you’re lookin’ to be somebody’s ‘just friends’,
A little laughin’, little lovin’, never callin’ again, that’s just fine
If you’re gonna be somebody’s heartbreak
Be mine

 Yes you should care about the end result, but it is better to try and to fail than to never try at all. Which, I sound like the worlds biggest hypocrite right now and I know that. But as we grow up we realize the mistake’s we’ve made and this song makes me never want to make mine again. I now know the feeling of just wanting someone to give you a try, and to be my heartbreak or just friends or anything to keep them in your life. I understand that now, and that makes me belt this song out a little louder each time.

I love to stress that life isn’t about the destination, that it is more about the journey. The people you take with you on this journey, whether they break your heart or make you the happiest person alive they are the best part. I don’t regret any of the people that have been in my life, no matter what has happened in their chapter of my story. So if you want to be somebody’s first time or their last time, be it.

Well, that’s all for today. Take a listen to the song too, it’ll be sure to melt your heart.

Love, Lindsey

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I’m Craving Italian.

I’m craving Italian food that is, although I know for a fact that isn’t on the menu tonight. It was too late of a craving to fix the dinner menu at home, oh well I’ll have to grab something tasty for lunch tomorrow. There really isn’t a time where I couldn’t go for something Italian for dinner,  they need to make a no calorie pasta and I’d be set for life.

Speaking of Italian this all could have come from a little movie I watched this Sunday on ABC Family, Letters To Juliet. The amount of Italian food in the movie that I want to eat is incredible. The main character’s fiancé is a chef that is opening a restaurant and while on a pre-honeymoon and he hijacks the trip to find the best of the best for his new venture.

While Sophie is abandoned by her not-that-good-looking fiancé she stumbles on the Secretaries of Juliet. Which, I really hope exists and my new bucket list item in life is to go to Juliet’s house and write down my boy problems and see if they answer. She wants to be a writer so naturally the job intrigues her. She finds a 50 year old letter and replies to it. This reply turns into the man hunt of her Italian adventure.

When Charlie, the adorable Christopher Egan, starts this journey with his grandmother Claire he is a pain in the butt.  Of course things change and they all spend a lot of time together on the search for Lorenzo. You really know it’s going to happen but you can’t hate when Charlie and Sophie share their first kiss under the stars.

However predictable the ending is you have to love a cute chick flick in a time where they are a dying breed. I love Amanda Seyfried too who plays the outspoken Sophie. Plus, any movie that uses Taylor swift in the trailer is good with me. The tagline is a good word of advice too, “The greatest love story ever told is your own.”

ABC Family picked right, although I don’t know how it fit into their Nicholas Spark’s weekend. Now that’s a writer/genius I have yet to crack on this site. I like to save my favorites for big moments.

All my love, Lindsey

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Something old, something new…

And my personal favorite Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and now I religiously read her books when they come out because she is a delightful writer. I highly suggest that you go buy the book, and it isn’t too costly now because it has been out for a while.  I had to write about it tonight with the Notre Dame game being on TV because it’s an inside joke with the book, when you read it you’ll get it!

Something Borrowed is a fantastic chick lit book that focuses on Rachel White, a recently turned 30-year-old lawyer who has nothing and everything at the same time. She is a lawyer, but she hates it. She is single, but semi okay with it besides the fact that now her biological clock is ticking. She two great best friends Darcy and Dex who just happened to be getting married. Darcy is the outgoing, beautiful best friend who always seems to get everything Rachel wants, but she has pretty much accepted it and loves Darcy anyway.

On the night of her 30th birthday Dex and Rachel get drunk at a bar and when Darcy goes home for the evening (due to black-out like conditions) they end up sleeping together. Now before you get all high and mighty and why would I ever love this book you need to read the back story of Rachel and Dex. Plus,  you just feel the chemistry between the two as it jumps out of the page and into your heart.

Over the  course of the summer their romance unravels and the writing is so sweet and fun. It all just makes you want to be in love.  It is one of the best books I’ve read and then downloaded the next one right away. I’ll leave the next book for another blog post, just can’t cover it all.

Now back to full focus on the game as Alabama kicks butt on the field with my friends Carly and Sara. Go Bama!

Love, Lindsey


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We could do anything.

You and me together, we could do anything, Baby.

I’m not the biggest Dave Matthews fan in the world but I’m seriously in love with the song ” You and Me”. Simplicity can better than all the love lyrics in the world. There is something about the future, and that well together we could do anything that just screams that’s a happy couple. That couple is really in love if they think the future is better together rather than apart.

The future is a scary thing, and this song makes it seem just a little less scary in the grand scheme of things. If you have someone to take the future with then well you may be set for life.

The second best line of the song comes with ” When the kids are old enough we’re gonna tech them how to fly”. Isn’t that a great thought? Having faith that in your children’s dreams, even if they are impossible like flying?
Flying is possible if you just see it in a different light. Change the definition of flying and man anything is possible. It’s just a nice positive thought, which is why I like most love songs because they usually are about the positive things in life. Although, we know there are some beautiful break-up songs.

This song is just really beautiful, fun and just a great trip to put on a road trip CD or playlist. I know this might actually make it on my back to school one, it just makes yo want to put the windows down and sing. I may have to start listening to more Dave Matthews if he has great songs like this. If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I’m always up to read/listen/watch new things.

Try not to smile when you listen to this song.

Love, Lindsey

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