Royally interesting

There are very few things that are easy to do when it is sunny out. All I’ve wanted to is sit outside, but it is next to impossible to see a computer screen outside. I did go for a drive and ended up shopping instead of just getting Starbucks. I’m getting prepared for all the sorority life crafting I know that is coming up in the following weeks. I’m actually really excited to be crafting again, I never thought I’d be any good at it but I do a half decent job.

So since a computer screen is usually off-limits for outside, and shopping well let’s face it can get pretty pricey, the best thing to do outside is grab a towel and a book (maybe some Starbucks) and enjoy the sun! A really great, cheap, small, and entertaining book is Niki Burnham’s Royally Jacked.

This funny teen read is one of those great books that flies by. It’s little size makes it perfect for the beach or for on the go reading. The poor girl has a lot of random things happen to her that cause a situation where her dad moves to some European country to be a chief for a royal family. She decides to go with her dad, because the situation with her mom just wasn’t what Valerie (main character) wanted to deal with at the time.

She then goes on to live my dream life, the family of course has a really cute son her age. It isn’t easy at first, like any relationship ever is, and she struggles with the fact that he’s a real life prince. All bets are off when they meet and it makes Valerie really happy that she took the chance and went with her dad. It also has two sequels, which I was also obsessed with. Who doesn’t love a cute, quick read? I don’t always have time to finish a major novel, but these little books are easy to start and finish!

Simon Pulse does a lot of these cute quick reads, I was really into reading them at one point and am starting to get back into them again. I’m a bit of a bookworm if you can’t already tell.

Well, time for me to go outside and get off this computer! Hopefully you get to do that too!

Love, Lindsey



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Spring Fever

It is the magical time of year where the weather finally hits over the 50’s mark and we are good to sit outside. I know that here at Quinnipiac, our quad has looked more like a beach than a University these past few days.

Spring Fever just makes it harder to do anything productive, but being the laser pointer that I am I’ve been pounding the pavement all week. When my mind has had the wonderful opportunity to wander this week I’ve been thinking about happy spring things, for example babies, puppies, and the occasional wedding.

Wedding movies are almost always my favorite.I don’t want my actual wedding to be filled with any of their plot lines, but they are incredibly entertaining to watch. There is something about the “will they? won’t they?” mentality which is enjoyable when it isn’t you. I think there is a little bit of uncertainty in each of us. Each girl out there has this imagine of the person, or knows the person, they think is going to be their husband. When you have this ideal and the seemingly perfect guy comes along, things get well… tricky. You may still be in love with the new guy, but girl in the audience is rooting for the true love of her life.

That’s exactly how I felt the entire time I was watching Patrick Dempsey in Made Of Honor. In the beginning he was the guy I didn’t want to win, I have this thing were the underdog usually isn’t my favorite, but he redeemed himself and made me change my mind. It is a little strange that his best girl friend asks him to be her Maid of Honor. I really would never consider doing that in a million years. That’s why I have girl friends and guy friends. But, nevertheless it’s a fun premise. I used to have a guy friend that could’ve been my Maid of Honor, but I still would’ve chosen against it.

This was way before “McDreamy” met Owen on Grey’s anatomy, but at least on Grey’s they don’t fight for the same girl! Colin is a good-looking prince of sorts, but how can you not love the look in Dempsey’s eyes? It is all in the eyes boys! If you can look at a girl like she’s your world, you win. He does all the tasks, and puts up a pretty valiant fight. I’ll leave it up to you to watch it to find out if he wins the fight.

I say that loosely, there is so much more to do but that is a start. It is a really cute movie, it has its ups and downs for me. It’s a good movie to curl up in bed to on a rainy night like this. I’m pretty sure Scotland is a pretty rainy country, so it really fits into the night.

I’m going to curl up with a movie myself to relax, or figure out who my bridesmaids will be.

Love, Lindsey

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There are few things that are unless in this life, and one of those things happens to be going to bed mad. No matter the day you’ve had, or the week you’ve had there is no reason to go to bed mad. I’ve had a really crummy day today. I won’t lie, it did have some great moments and it also had some really low points.

Here’s the thing, tonight when my head hits that pillow I need to focus on the great things in life, and I need to put aside the harsh realities of the day and focus on going to bed in a good mood. I’m convinced that going to bed mad automatically puts you about 10 steps behind in the next day. Who wants to wake up angry? I can’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed, since it is against a wall in my residence hall, but I could wake up feeling like I got out on the wrong side of the bed. Who wants that though?

My best advice to fight a tough day is a list of three things:

1. get a hug from someone you care about. 2. Write a list of 5 things that went right in that day.

3. Text/email/call/post something on Facebook that is nice and that has the potential to make a friend’s day. (the odds are if you are having a rough day, someone else in the world is right there with you.)

A wise song-writer once said baby this love isn’t going to be perfect, we can fuss and we can fight as long as everything is alright between us before we go to sleep.  I have to give a huge thank you to Ne-yo for giving us that line. The thing is this life isn’t going to be perfect, but make sure that you are feeling better before you go to sleep. Tomorrow, half the things that happened today won’t matter. They will be silly little blimps that upset you for no good reason.

Talk it out though, if you need to talk to someone and get a bunch off of your chest, do it! I know it helps me to let it on this blog, or to even talk to my best friends about what is going on in my life. Even better, remember to be that same friend when the people you’ve run to time and time again need your help. No friend is ever a bother if they are truly a friend.

Oh baby, I know sometimes it’s gonna rain

But baby, can we make up now?

‘Cause I can’t sleep through the pain
Girl, I don’t wanna go to bed mad at you

And I don’t want you to go to bed mad at me

Hopefully tonight you don’t go to bed mad, because the tossing and turning won’t be worth it tomorrow.

Love, Lindsey

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