Something old, something new…

And my personal favorite Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and now I religiously read her books when they come out because she is a delightful writer. I highly suggest that you go buy the book, and it isn’t too costly now because it has been out for a while.  I had to write about it tonight with the Notre Dame game being on TV because it’s an inside joke with the book, when you read it you’ll get it!

Something Borrowed is a fantastic chick lit book that focuses on Rachel White, a recently turned 30-year-old lawyer who has nothing and everything at the same time. She is a lawyer, but she hates it. She is single, but semi okay with it besides the fact that now her biological clock is ticking. She two great best friends Darcy and Dex who just happened to be getting married. Darcy is the outgoing, beautiful best friend who always seems to get everything Rachel wants, but she has pretty much accepted it and loves Darcy anyway.

On the night of her 30th birthday Dex and Rachel get drunk at a bar and when Darcy goes home for the evening (due to black-out like conditions) they end up sleeping together. Now before you get all high and mighty and why would I ever love this book you need to read the back story of Rachel and Dex. Plus,  you just feel the chemistry between the two as it jumps out of the page and into your heart.

Over the  course of the summer their romance unravels and the writing is so sweet and fun. It all just makes you want to be in love.  It is one of the best books I’ve read and then downloaded the next one right away. I’ll leave the next book for another blog post, just can’t cover it all.

Now back to full focus on the game as Alabama kicks butt on the field with my friends Carly and Sara. Go Bama!

Love, Lindsey



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