A well kept secret

Because who doesn’t love a good secret? i know that I do, so when I started reading Sophia Kinsella’s Can you keep a secret? I know I had some high hopes  about the book. Not only do I like Kinsella as a writer, but the book happens to the nail on the head with fun and romance. it was my first good read of the summer, and hopefully it won’t be my last.

Emma gets on a plane with the intentions of making it through it, but when it starts to hit some turbulence she starts to go into panic mode. She starts dishing all of her secrets to the handsome gentleman sitting next to her. What this underachieving, newly started marketing agent doesn’t know is that when she shows up to work on Monday she’ll run into him again.

This handsome stranger happens to be the co-owner of the company she is working for. She didn’t just tell him her little secrets she told him the big fat ones, like how she has never been in love. But, wait.. Now he finds out she’s about to marry someone? See the problem?

At first she’s nervous, then she starts to love the nerves and the rest.. well you’ll just have to read to find out.

That also brings me to another one of my new obsessions, www.fortydaysofdating.com . The best experiment I’ve heard of, a girl and a guy who are really good friends decided that they were going to date for 40 days. Right now it is only day 20, but I know exactly what I’ll be doing every day for the next 20 days. So far at day 20 we haven’t hit any physicality, but here’s hoping. I want to know that things like that can actually happen. Leave it to the romantic in me to want to see more develop from it. Right now their dating is really interesting, it is just the two of them seeing each other every day and liking it. Which, seems weird for him but not for her. I love how comfortable it sounds between the two of them. I love being comfortable with someone, I think that is one of the cornerstones of any good relationships, but then again what do I know?

Well, I need to go make dinner or find something new to read.





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Do you have 5 minutes?

Well yes indeed five minutes could change your life. In five minutes you could fall in love at first sight, run a mile, or even save a life. I know that seems like a lot to cram into five minutes, but hey anything is possible. I feel like in my crazy busy schedule 5 minutes of pure freedom or business can make all the difference.

That’s what happened in the novel version of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Nick wanted to avoid his ex-girlfriend so he spotted Norah and asked her, “Would you mind being my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes?” I always think the book is better than the movie version of things so I had to blog about the book first.

Can you imagine someone asking you to be his fake girlfriend to get away from his ex-girlfriend why you are trying to avoid your ex-boyfriend who is also in the club? Talk about a really confusing but semi beneficial relationship. Norah’s ex-boyfriend seems like a real loser if you ask me, which make it so easy to root for this unlikely pairing of Nick and Norah. They spend their night playing tag as Nick’s band mates take care of Norah’s not-so-sober friend Caroline and experiencing  New York City together. They also go looking for this obscure band who has secret shows in the city and you have to figure out the clues in order to go. Listening to their mutually interesting taste in music as they go along.

It’s funny to think that we all have songs  that somehow define moments in our lives, there are ones you cry to, ones you scream at and ones that make you feel better when nothing else will. I don’t the NYC very well at all, but I didn’t feel at a disadvantage reading the book. In a way it actually just made it seem like some magical place were anything can happen, which I guess it really is. I’ve never been much of a city girl, but I would love to visit some of the places they did on their journey.

The book is written in altering perspectives, Norah and Nick switch off each chapter so you get to see what both of them are thinking and feeling. The writing is incredibly clever, Rachel Cohn and David Levine really hit this one out of the park. If you want a fast paced story that takes you away from daily life and makes you want to listen to some classic songs you should check this book out.

While you’re reading the book think of the playlist of your life, what great songs come to mind? Have a song you really love?  I like all music and would love to listen to what stands out to you.

Have a great week!

Love, Lindsey


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