What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well another day of being sick has come and gone, break has been one sickness after another for me. The one fun thing that being sick has done is its given me the opportunity to sit on the couch and catch great old movies on all the movie channels.

I’m a very silly girl and in my dream fantasy world if I could be anything when I grow up I would want to be a princess.  As much as a Disney Princess at a theme park is a great option, nothing would be better than being a real life princess. I know in retrospect that princesses don’t really exist anymore unless your Kate Middleton, but can you blame a girl for dreaming?

So on the subject of princesses I was watching television on my sick day and I was lucky enough to catch the whole move of The Prince & Me, with Julia Stiles and Luke Mably play an adorable prince and the pauper, college addition, couple.

 True to Stile’s nature she plays Paige the girl who wants the world and knows exactly how to get it. She isn’t one of those girls that hears she could be a princess and gets excited. She actually gets mad because it doesn’t work with her plan to go save the world with doctors without borders. It is nice to see a tough a nails chick that has actual dreams and ambitions as the heroine, but she could be a little more excited about being a princess. I’d so take her place, Luke Mably has the cutest accent in the movie.

The movie is filled with cute little lines and scenes, and the two have a half decent amount of chemistry. It is a really good movie to torture your boyfriend with or to just watch when you’re laying on the couch sick. Fun fact: you can buy it to watch on YouTube  for $2.99!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Love, Lindsey


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