I’m back!

After the most insane three weeks of my life, I’m back! Italy was the time of my life, and I would love to go back right about now. I got back and everyone was pulling my hair and pulling me in eight different directions. A week without wifi and a cellphone is great, until you get back and you’re completely overwhelmed. I will figure it all out, and will get through this.

Tonight is a super exciting night, I’m becoming a grand-big and a big all at the same time! My adorable little, who I am so proud of it is getting a little and a twin. I’m so excited, being a big to my little has been so rewarding and watching her grow into such an amazing leader makes me so proud. Sorority stuff may seem lame to some of you, but it was the best decision I ever made.

So speaking of reveal being tonight in the stress of all this, I decided to make red velvet cupcakes (our colors are wine and blue) for afterwards. I hope my new little likes red velvet, if not I have ice cream too. As a big you always have to be thinking! While I was baking I realized how incredibly relaxing it is for me. It is the single thing that distresses me. It just takes me away from all the stress, wear and tears and makes me smile. Plus, I love seeing the finished product or tasting it!

It all made me think of a really cute movie that I love, No Reservations. It is the cutest movie about an aunt who inherits her niece after a tragic car accident who is a professional chief. She is one of the heartless characters who doesn’t have a mothering bone in her body. Not to spoil anything, but you learn to love Kate, aka the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones.

She meets a new chief Nick and things start to heat up in the kitchen. Kate isn’t a romantic, but a good-looking guy with some sparks and things in common could change anyone. It’s a great movie about learning to deal with the situations you are put in, and how to learn to love. Learn to love in more ways than one. Some people just aren’t the most lovey-dovey. I know I can be depending on the subject and situation. Other situations I just don’t understand yet, which is silly and needs to be evaluated.

Abigail Breslin plays the poor little girl who loses her mother, and puts on another spectacular performance. The cast just has big actresses that really do their job well. If you like to cook, or just enjoy a good family movie this is a great one to watch. It’s cute, fun and anyone can watch it. It’s a half decent rom com to curl up with a bowl of pasta and watch!

Happy Eating Readers!

Love, Lindsey


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Easy A

There are few cult classics for our generation, you know really great movies that create a following. One that will always make me laugh until I cry is Easy A. Emma Stone is pretty much comedic genius when it comes to movies like this, and Penn Badgely makes a nice touch as the boy who she always has had crush on.

It’s amazing how great home can feel, and for the simple reason that I can sit on the couch and watch movies like Easy A in complete comfort.  This movie is one of my best guy friends favorite movie, it may be because Emma Stone is just so pretty ,or because her character Olive has some really brilliant lines. I’m a huge fan of a very classy shower scene they feature where she sings “Pocket Full of Sunshine”.

The funny thing is that this movie features a huge cliché, that no good dead goes unpunished. Olive tries to help a friend out by saying that she was scandalous with him to have people stop talking about him behind his back. The guy brings her a present for helping him about lying about having sex with him and it becomes a huge deal and other guys start to use her new-found popularity to do the same. They give her gift cards, and other various things so they can say she slept with them.

It all starts to bite her in the butt, and isn’t very pleasant when people stop talking about these guys and start talking about her. It really isn’t fair, but she put herself in this position. For all this fake action, no one actually asks her on a date. Not having real dates takes a toll. (I know the feeling) Stanley Tucci plays Olive’s dad. He’s fantastic and her parents make the movie. Stanley Tucci is fantastic in every movie he’s in, so you can’t go wrong with him.

I love the humor, and the clever lines. Whoever wrote this movie was a genius in the teenage girl department. Olive is a high school senior, but it is really relate-able for all girls high school and college alike. Isn’t that the best part of movies? Not only laughing, but seeing the truth through someone else’s eyes. How a director or writer sees the world can really open others eyes to what it’s like to be in high school or whatever the content is.

I won’t spoil the ending, although you might be able to guess what happens. This is a great rainy day movie, or when you are just really in the mood to laugh. My guy friend loving the movie goes to show, guys can like chick flicks too! With that being said I’m going to make my dad watch something along those lines.

Happy Saturday from NJ!

Love, Lindsey

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Fun Fact

Here’s a fun fact that you may not know about me, besides a maid of honor and bride, I’ve been each role in a wedding party. I’ve been a flower girl, a junior bridesmaid and bridesmaid. It may be obvious, but I love weddings. They have something so magical about them that can make even a cynic tear up.

I’ll never forget being a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. I was a sophomore in high school and I loved every bit of that summer wedding. I loved my pink dress and my really pretty bouquet.  I loved staying up the whole night before with my cousin, I was that girl who kept her up all night because I couldn’t sleep. Poor girl was stuck awake for most of the night, so my fault. There was just something about seeing her in that gorgeous gown and walking down the aisle that made me so emotional. She was the perfect bride.

Now something that I had never thought of before I watched Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses was to look at the groom when the bride is walking down the aisle and see his expression on his face. The fear, the excitement that huge gamete of emotions will be right here on his face, and his facial expression can pretty much say it all about the marriage. I’m so excited to look at the groom when I go to every wedding from now on, of course I’ll take a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle, but I want to see how he’s feeling. I think that is a pretty good sign of how far the marriage will go, if he’s looking like a scared little boy and not for the regular this is a lifetime of commitment thing then maybe you picked the wrong guy.

The movie was fantastic, Heigl plays such a likeable and relatable character. As women we are programmed to always please people. We think that it is our job to put everyone above ourselves, to push for their happiness and eventually karma will come our way. I don’t know if I could manage being in 27 weddings, but I’m only 20 (none of my friends currently married) and I’ve already made it in 3. That isn’t even close, but I do love weddings.

Lets be honest, I totally watched this movie just to see James Mardsen, because he is adorable and can be my leading man any day. But what I got from the movie was a fun-loving appreciation for the girls who try to do everything, and for the look a groom has when his bride walks down the aisle.

Do you have any fantastic wedding memories? Have you Pinterested your wedding out already? I know my Pinterest board is pretty serious in this area. (http://pinterest.com/lindseycraigg/wedding-ideas/)Its a great way to pass time, and get really cute ideas.

Love, Lindsey

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Mystery Love Story

Tonight I did one of my favorite things to do, I did a little cooking. Since it’s so cold out I made tomato soup with rice and a grilled cheese, it was pretty much the perfect meal. Usually when I make a winter meal like that I really want to just snuggle up with a good romantic comedy. Something that will make me laugh, after a long day I really don’t want to cry. When I was thinking of what movie I’d want to watch tonight if I didn’t have a very long to-do list I thought of the really cute rom-com Definitely, Maybe.

Ryan Reynolds plays the most adorable dad, the type of guy you would want to marry and have children with. Who is recently getting divorced from one of his only three loves in life. While married they had a child named Maya, played by the incredible Abigail Breslin.  One night when Maya is staying with Will (Ryan Reynolds) she asks him to tell her the story of how he met her mom. Will reluctantly agrees on one condition, he’s changing all the names and making it in Maya’s words “a mystery love story.”

I don’t want to give away too much of the ending, but Ryan Reynolds does end up going after one of the women from his story. Summer, April and Emily are the three loves of his life. He dates them a lot too, the story revolves around all of his interactions with them. The most interesting part to me in this rom-com is the suggestion that time isn’t an issue when it comes to love.

I’d have to say that I agree with the movie. I think that love is something timeless and all together is something that has no limit. It has no rhyme, nor reason. It always perseveres and it will always be patient. If something is meant to happen, if fate wants you to end up with someone you absolutely will. If  one, five or even ten years has gone by and there is just someone who you really love or have feelings for, or even just never got the chance to have a chance with don’t wait any longer. If you feel like someone is worth being in your life, be in their life. They may have moved on, or maybe they haven’t. They may only have room for a friend, if you’ve waited way too long and they’ve already fallen in love with someone else, but isn’t being someone’s friend better than being nothing at all?

The beautiful thing about love is that you usually start as friends, and if you don’t start as friends you surely become friends to step into that next level. I think it is really important to keep those who are important to you in your life, even on the condition that you can’t be with them. Who knows, you might have moved on too but it is important to have some contact with that person.

It changed Ryan Reynolds life in the movie, going after something that he had once wanted so who says it can’t change yours? Go after something you want tonight, or maybe even tomorrow.

Love, Lindsey

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Weigh- In Wednesday

I’m starting a new tradition here at Love, Lindsey. Wednesdays are becoming a day for me to relate things going on in the media that could possibly relate to the blog. It is just a chance to weigh in on what is happening that is interesting.

The idea started because of the Golden Globes last week. When accepting her award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Jennifer Lawrence said, “Look it says I beat Meryl! “

People at the time had a huge outcry about it, because it sounded so out of sorts and almost rude. It was just really unexpected. Lawrence meant no harm by the comment and was actually quoting a line from The First Wives Club which is a great movie with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and my personal favorite Diane Keaton. Goldie Hawn plays an out of work actress who is getting a divorce from her producer husband. In the settlement they divide the assets 50/50. To do so Goldie’s character sells the collection of stuff to Bette for two cents. When the girls go to look through purchases Bette looks at Goldie’s Golden Globe saying, ” You know what this says, I beat Meryl!”

If you’ve seen the movie when Jennifer Lawrence used the quote it was hysterical. It is pretty surprising that people were so shocked and didn’t get the reference until she explained herself a day or so afterwards. I’m glad SNL let her use this incident to create her monologue.

The First Wives Club is a fantastic movie, that is really empowering towards women. I love it because it also shows the love comes back when you least expect it. It focuses on if you are confident and sure of yourself you can have any guy you want, even the one that got away. It has dome great actresses and actors too, before our generation knew them as the greats. A young  Sarah Jessica Parker plays a 20-something mid-life crisis prize. Some guys get the sports cars, Bette’s husband gets the younger woman.

If you want to get Jennifer’s reference, and watch a great movie at the same time check The First Wives Club out! Also, in the clip they sing one of my favorite songs of all times. As Ivana Trump says in the movie, “Don’t get mad, get everything!”

Love, Lindsey

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I’m Craving Italian.

I’m craving Italian food that is, although I know for a fact that isn’t on the menu tonight. It was too late of a craving to fix the dinner menu at home, oh well I’ll have to grab something tasty for lunch tomorrow. There really isn’t a time where I couldn’t go for something Italian for dinner,  they need to make a no calorie pasta and I’d be set for life.

Speaking of Italian this all could have come from a little movie I watched this Sunday on ABC Family, Letters To Juliet. The amount of Italian food in the movie that I want to eat is incredible. The main character’s fiancé is a chef that is opening a restaurant and while on a pre-honeymoon and he hijacks the trip to find the best of the best for his new venture.

While Sophie is abandoned by her not-that-good-looking fiancé she stumbles on the Secretaries of Juliet. Which, I really hope exists and my new bucket list item in life is to go to Juliet’s house and write down my boy problems and see if they answer. She wants to be a writer so naturally the job intrigues her. She finds a 50 year old letter and replies to it. This reply turns into the man hunt of her Italian adventure.

When Charlie, the adorable Christopher Egan, starts this journey with his grandmother Claire he is a pain in the butt.  Of course things change and they all spend a lot of time together on the search for Lorenzo. You really know it’s going to happen but you can’t hate when Charlie and Sophie share their first kiss under the stars.

However predictable the ending is you have to love a cute chick flick in a time where they are a dying breed. I love Amanda Seyfried too who plays the outspoken Sophie. Plus, any movie that uses Taylor swift in the trailer is good with me. The tagline is a good word of advice too, “The greatest love story ever told is your own.”

ABC Family picked right, although I don’t know how it fit into their Nicholas Spark’s weekend. Now that’s a writer/genius I have yet to crack on this site. I like to save my favorites for big moments.

All my love, Lindsey

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Aca-scuse me!

If you haven’t watched Pitch Perfect yet, please go run to target or download it OnDemand pronto.

As far as college romantic comedies go Anna Kendrick hit the holy grail in the Acapella love story. The music may be fantastic, if you skip over hearing Ace of Base’s ” I Saw the Sign”  three times, but the storyline is even better. It is a tad predictable that the guy will get the girl, but the execution is funny and charming.The main guy
Jesse, played by the new guy Skylar Austin, is the perfect prince charming that can really sing.

Anna Kendrick’s Beca meets Jesse and at first thinks he is just some nerd that she doesn’t have time for, and yet the rumors fly that she has a “musical toner” for him. The writing is fantastic, quotable and kept me laughing the entire time. The ending is up there with some of my favorites because of it’s surprise value. Like I said, you know the girl is going to end up with the guy, but you don’t expect the non-emotional girl to pull off something so cute like her final song in the competition.

The coolest part is they can pull off both the competition and getting the guy. Well if you read this without watching the movie, it may be a little aca-awkward. Check it out, sing along, then go watch the Breakfast Club. You’ll get it after you watch it.

Love, Lindsey

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