Weigh- In Wednesday

I’m starting a new tradition here at Love, Lindsey. Wednesdays are becoming a day for me to relate things going on in the media that could possibly relate to the blog. It is just a chance to weigh in on what is happening that is interesting.

The idea started because of the Golden Globes last week. When accepting her award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Jennifer Lawrence said, “Look it says I beat Meryl! “

People at the time had a huge outcry about it, because it sounded so out of sorts and almost rude. It was just really unexpected. Lawrence meant no harm by the comment and was actually quoting a line from The First Wives Club which is a great movie with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and my personal favorite Diane Keaton. Goldie Hawn plays an out of work actress who is getting a divorce from her producer husband. In the settlement they divide the assets 50/50. To do so Goldie’s character sells the collection of stuff to Bette for two cents. When the girls go to look through purchases Bette looks at Goldie’s Golden Globe saying, ” You know what this says, I beat Meryl!”

If you’ve seen the movie when Jennifer Lawrence used the quote it was hysterical. It is pretty surprising that people were so shocked and didn’t get the reference until she explained herself a day or so afterwards. I’m glad SNL let her use this incident to create her monologue.

The First Wives Club is a fantastic movie, that is really empowering towards women. I love it because it also shows the love comes back when you least expect it. It focuses on if you are confident and sure of yourself you can have any guy you want, even the one that got away. It has dome great actresses and actors too, before our generation knew them as the greats. A young  Sarah Jessica Parker plays a 20-something mid-life crisis prize. Some guys get the sports cars, Bette’s husband gets the younger woman.

If you want to get Jennifer’s reference, and watch a great movie at the same time check The First Wives Club out! Also, in the clip they sing one of my favorite songs of all times. As Ivana Trump says in the movie, “Don’t get mad, get everything!”

Love, Lindsey


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